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IT4profit R&D: Order Management offers new level of flexibility for Buyers and Sellers.

IT4profit Research and Development: Order Management offers new level of flexibility for Buyers and Sellers.

It4profit stands by constant products improvement to serve customer’s needs in the best way. Recently Order Processing was enriched by new features that give Buyers and Sellers more flexibility in managing orders.

Purchase and Sales Processing modules organize, optimize and automate Buyers’ purchasing and Sellers’ sales activities. Order Management allows trading partners to create and manage orders, monitor the status of Purchase and Sales Orders in the supply chain, generate sales invoices, create aggregated orders to suppliers on the base of real demand from customers.

There are several ways to create Purchase Orders that simplifies Buyers activities. Now Buyers can order products on different stages of work on IT4profit b2b Exchange: from the price list received Supplier, from the Wish List, from e-Catalog, and by traditional approach - from Purchasing home page. There are also several ways to add products to a Purchase Order: from e-Catalog, from wish list or to type product general name manually.

Sellers also got more flexibility in order management. Now they can accept orders from customers even if they do not support IT4profit e-Catalog or if requested products were not added to e-Catalog yet. It is very important because of quick product launch by Manufacturers.

Sellers also appreciate quick and easy way to confirm delivery notes: once at the top of the table for all lines, if all products will be delivered by the same carrier, or separately for each line, if products delivered by different carriers. There are also useful tools for warehouse managers – they can enter all shipment details on one screen.

Another important opportunity for managing demand in the supply chain was given to merchants, who both buys and sells on IT4profit b2b Exchange. Now they can create aggregated Sales Orders to suppliers on the base of their customers’ demand, if products are not available on the stock. Notice that Customer can track the status of his order. He is connected and has visibility in the supply chain.

So new features of IT4profit Order Management will help Buyers and Sellers to manage orders with less effort, reduce cost and errors from straight-through processing and increase order capacity.