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Connectivity with ERP ( ERP-to-Web )

Your customers and suppliers want to get some information stored in your internal applications. Your business partners are demanding access to the same information your employees get through your internal systems, for instance:

  • Pricing,
  • Availability,
  • Inventory levels,
  • Billing information,
  • Order statuses.

They want this critical information simply, without the ERP software jargon, and online. IT4profit’s connectors with your ERP allow your business partners to get all necessary data from you though the web because our connectors act as software translators that

take data from your ERP and convert it into a format that e-commerce understands;

convert information placed online and deliver it to your ERP system.

Connectivity with Business Partners ( ERP-to-ERP )

IT4profit ensures seamless data exchange between Business Partners by providing ERP-to-ERP system connectivity. We implement RosettaNet and EDI messages which allow manufacturers, distributors & their customers efficiently communicate and securely make transactions such as:

  • Price lists distribution,
  • Receiving and confirming orders from customers,
  • Online invoicing,
  • Receiving offers from suppliers and sending orders to them,
  • Sending advanced shipping notifications and confirming delivery dates,
  • Inventory reporting,
  • Sales out reporting.

These transactions are translated into Business Partners’ prefered electronic formats including RosettaNet, EDI, XML, Excel spreadsheets or flat files.

ERP-to-ERP connection helps to improve business workflow, automate manual processes and reduce errors. It gives Business Partners the possibility to preserve investments in their legacy systems and obtain substantial cost savings by standardizing information exchange.

Our connectivity solutions are highly cost effective. You can use our Connectivity Centre to make transactions with your Business Partners and reduce the total-cost-of-ownership. As an alternative our solutions can be installed at your side. You can run them on your hardware and manage these solutions yourself.

Success Stories

IT4profit is the Сonnectivity Centre for ASBIS Enterprises Ltd , a multinational distributor for Seagate, Intel and Maxtor with offices throughout Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Netherlands and Ireland. ASBIS is one of the most dynamic companies in the Central European region. The company serves over 6000 active customers via 3 distribution centres and 21 local warehouses across its regions.

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RosettaNet : Intel. Through IT4profit's Сonnectivity Centre, ASBIS became the first Intel distributor in Europe to become RosettaNet compliant in 2000 and go to the second in the world after Arrow. In May 2002 IT4profit upgraded ASBIS to RosettaNet version 2, possibly the first in Europe to do so.

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RosettaNet : Seagate. For the purchase order process automation between Seagate and ASBIS, IT4profit implemented RosettaNet product information and order management messages: New Product Information Distribution, Purchase Order, Purchase Order Acknowledgement and Purchase Order Change.

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UN/EDIFACT : Hitachi. Our Connectivity Centre provides UN/EDIFACT connectivity for Hitachi and ASBIS. The business partners entrust the support of such important messages as Inventory report (INVRPT) and Sales data report (SLSRPT) to IT4profit.

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To contact Сonnectivity Centre or apply for connectivity services, please email to: or contact our representative offices.