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IT4profit Connectivity Center: Making Interoperability a Reality.

IT4profit Connectivity Center: making interoperability a reality.

The scheduled stage of RosettaNet protocols implementation and testing between ASBIS and Intel is finished.

The last protocol implemented between ASBIS and Intel is PIP 3B2 (Notify of Advance Shipment). It allows a Shipper to notify a Receiver that a shipment has been assigned. The purpose of the Advance Shipment Notification is to communicate at the detailed product level the contents of a shipment, when the shipment is expected to arrive, and other shipment information.

Previous PIP implemented was 3A4, probably the most complex model that RosettaNet has. The traditional order processing steps are simplified to placing orders and receiving order confirmations directly in ASBIS' ERP system. This eliminates dual data entry and improves order response time from a weekly download to real-time information.

Like many other companies, ASBIS did not have the RosettaNet expertise to support the PIP implementation with Intel and worked with IT4profit Ltd, an e-business solutions provider that specializes in the IT distribution channel. IT4profit helped ASBIS become the first Intel distributor in Europe, the second worldwide to become RosettaNet compliant by providing the technology platform and technical support. In May 2002 IT4profit upgraded ASBIS to RosettaNet version 2.

The collaboration between Intel and ASBIS previously required a multilevel procurement process. The processes were slow and information was limited. These flaws prevented the supply chain from processing the orders faster and more efficiently. Both Intel and ASBIS wanted to automate the process to allow their ERP systems to talk to each other.

The standardized format and content enable data processing automation to reduce human manual operations. This results in time and cost savings and in errors decrease. RosettaNet improves the lines of communication between the trading partners through the extensive use of XML, so information could be shared regardless of the hardware and ERP systems implemented.

"Coordinated testing with multiple scenarios is key to ensuring a successful RosettaNet implementation", said Paul Griffin, ASBIS Executive Vice-President. "Partnering with IT4profit has made the transition and implementation as easy and seamless as we could reasonably expect".