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IT4profit R&D: Changes in IT4profit demand and supply management functionality and in administrative interfaces.

IT4profit R&D: Changes in IT4profit demand and supply management functionality and in administrative interfaces.

Changes in IT4profit demand and supply management functionality

IT4profit announces that from now on to reduce the desktop valuable space the list of company users permissible to using the «Reserve items for sales representatives» functionality will be limited to those, who have access to certain supply lines in these interfaces. Each supply line means access to particular product types, products items and manufactures. Normally, the access to visualizing the products and manufactures for the company users is not given by default. It is gained in [Company Master Settings > User Administration > List Company Users -> Rights section] for each company user. When no access is provided, you will not be able to see the list of manufactures and products like you did before. To bring it back you need to regain access. Consult your company administrator or responsible person for this.

Changes in administrative interfaces

Considerable enhancements occurred in company warehouse and inventory management. The enhancements for buyers include the "Extended warehouse" capability. Behind them are the "virtual" warehouses where the item availability can be reported too. When the "extended warehouse" settings are enabled, the buyer can, say, vault ahead the direct sellers' inventory levels, thus extending his visibility into the item availability on the sellers' suppliers affiliated warehouses. The enhancement for seller is in the fact that by enabling the extended warehouse settings he is able to post automatic orders to suppliers. This option is somewhat similar to the IT4profit "Aggregated orders" capability with which shortages in items can be easily covered by submitting the orders to suppliers. Thus, with the "Extended Warehouse" settings the stock availability can be viewed on the suppliers' warehouses. Then if the seller can not fulfill the order by supplying the requested items, they will be ordered from the supplier (suppliers) automatically with this option.
This capability is available in [Price management > Company catalog management > Extended warehouse settings].