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PRESS RELEASE. IT4profit Enables Trading Partners to Automate Product Catalog Information Exchange.

IT4profit Ltd., a distribution channels solutions provider, has successfully implemented RosettaNet’s Partner Interface Process® (PIP®) 2A1® Distribute Product Catalogue Information, between the trading supply-chain partners, Intel and ASBIS, and tied in with their back-end systems.

The purpose of the PIP 2A1 implementation is to automate the push of product catalog information from Intel, an manufacturer, to ASBIS, a distributor, and to move from the manual (BDE) price list to automatic price list exchange.
The exchange of multiple transactions lowers costs by reducing keystrokes, errors, and the effort to publish and maintain product sales information and enables ASBIS to effectively manage the procurement of items from Intel.

“We have to be a forward thinking company,” said Sergey Kostevich, President of ASBIS. “Business today is becoming more complex and more dynamic. We must have visibility and velocity in our transactions with suppliers and customers.”

Before deploying PIP 2A1, IT4profit Ltd. enabled ASBIS to implement various PIPs from RosettaNet’s Order Management cluster. Previously, the collaboration between Intel and ASBIS required a multilevel manual procurement process. This B2B integration streamlined order management processes between the trading partners and delivered value to ASBIS’ customers through reduced response time.  

Like many other companies, ASBIS did not have the internal expertise to support the RosettaNet PIP implementations with Intel. IT4profit assisted ASBIS to become the first Intel distributor in Europe, the second worldwide, to become RosettaNet compliant by providing the technology platform and technical support.

About RosettaNet  
RosettaNet is a non-profit consortium dedicated to the collaborative development and rapid deployment of open, Internet-based business standards that align processes within the global trading network. More than 500 multinational and regional companies in the information technology, electronic components, semiconductor manufacturing and telecommunications industries participate in RosettaNet’s strategic standards and services development. Fortune 1000 companies worldwide have implemented RosettaNet standards, conducting B2B operations that value billions in annual revenues.

RosettaNet is one of the industry's most ambitious standards implementation efforts spanning the globe. To date, the consortium has established several regional affiliate organizations — in the Americas, China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan — giving a voice to various business economies seeking to adopt and influence RosettaNet's global standards. Information on RosettaNet’s worldwide activities, including a complete list of member companies and participating organizations, is available at RosettaNet is a subsidiary of the Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC).

About Intel Corp.
Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products. Additional information about Intel is available at

About ASBIS Enterprises Ltd.
ASBIS ( is a multinational distributor for Seagate, Intel and Maxtor with offices throughout Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Netherlands and Ireland. ASBIS is one of the most dynamic companies in the Central European region. The company serves over 6000 active customers via 3 distribution centres and 21 local warehouses across its regions.

About IT4profit Ltd.
IT4profit Ltd. ( is a solutions provider focused on delivering value to all participants in the IT distribution channel. IT4profit’s business consultants and developers have extensive knowledge and experience in the complexities of international IT distribution, RosettaNet protocols, and supply chain e-business solutions.