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IT4profit took part in the RosettaNet Distributor Forum in Brussels.

IT4profit participated in the RosettaNet Distributor Forum along with leading industry manufacturers, distributors and solution providers including IBM, Intel, Seagate, Ingram Micro, Techdata, Asbis, Gridnode and E2open. It is clear that RosettaNet is emerging as the future B2B standard with forward thinking manufacturers and distributors wanting to move their suppliers and customers to RosettaNet as it gives greater savings and transaction security.

IT4profit Ltd. is in the van of RosettaNet implementation and deployment and is working closely with Seagate, Intel and Asbis.

IT4profit has implemented the following messages:

 Distribute New Product Information (PIP 2A1)

  • Purchase Order (PIP 3A4)
  • PO Acknowledgement (PIP3A7)
  • Purchase Order Change (PIP 3A8)
  • Shipping Notification (PIP 3B2)
  • Notify of Shipment Receipt (PIP 4B2)
  • Distribute Inventory Report (PIP4C1)

The RosettaNet standards implementation for the trading partners results in real business benefits, such as:

  • Streamlining the exchange of business information
  • Reducing costs and efforts associated with reconciling transactions and data
  • Reducing reliance on multiple supplier web sites, and other manual processes
  • Establishing direct connections to supplier information systems
  • Availability of timely and accurate information

RosettaNet’s industry-leading member companies and their distributors are using RosettaNet XML standards to manage their supply chains across Europe and globally.

About IT4profit Ltd.
IT4profit Ltd. ( is a solutions provider focused on delivering value to all participants in the IT distribution channel. IT4profit’s business consultants and developers have extensive knowledge and experience in the complexities of international IT distribution, RosettaNet protocols, Supply Chain e-Business solutions.