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e-Dealing is the intelligent sales & marketing solution which allows business partners to find real market price for goods and services, determine their priorities to each deal by multiple business parameters such as wished sales price, credit terms, revenue, currency risks, point of sales date, sales run rate and others. e-Dealing can be defined as the meeting point of Supply and Demand.


  • Market Demand/ Supply ratio
  • Participants rating system and priorities-based product distribution
  • Bundling opportunity
  • Incentive programs
  • Multi currency, multi language, multi platform & multi entity support
  • Results export to ERP
  • Compatibility with RosettaNet industry standards

Benefits for Sellers

  • Determination of own priorities to each deal by multiple business parameters
  • Real market price for products and services
  • Demand and supply optimisation
  • Momentary response to changes in market demand
  • Predictable forecasts from buyers
  • Quicker inventory turnover

For Buyers

  • Products purchasing for real market price
  • Request for quote (supply) according to own business priorities
  • Quick response to changes in market demand/supply ratio
  • Wider variety of suppliers and visibility of all offers
  • Reduced inventory shortage, access to excess inventory
  • Product and market analysis