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Order Management

Purchase Order and Sales Order Processing organizes, optimises and automates Buyers purchasing and Sellers sales activity. It allows creating, processing and managing Purchase Orders and monitoring PO statuses in the supply chain; allows generating sales invoices, preparing financial entries for import to external ERP.


  • Online posting of orders and getting acknowledgement
  • Order status tracking and archiving
  • Shared view of purchase orders
  • Customer credit rating
  • Alerts and messaging capabilities enabling merchants to prioritize purchase orders and shipment flow
  • Import duties and VAT by product type for EMEA countries
  • Currency everyday rates support
  • Real-time inventory updating
  • RosettaNet data communication formats
  • Link to merchant’s ERP system

Benefits for Sellers

  • Manual and automatic Purchase Order acceptance
  • Price forming
  • Improved flexibility of managing order statuses and changes
  • Freight links optimization, reduced logistics and inventory holding costs
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved inventory management and increased inventory turns
  • Improved customer service levels

Benefits for Buyers

  • Better control over own procurement processes
  • Real final product price (including VAT, delivery cost) comparison for a particular market
  • Simplified order placement and communication process
  • Improved flexibility of managing change orders
  • Reduced Purchase Order cycle time
  • Order status track and trace
  • Visibility into product location and inventory