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B2B Exchange

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IT4profit B2B Exchange supports the full range of business relationships across trading business partners in IT industry: manufacturers, distributors, resellers, system integrators, logistics/credit/finance service providers, and investors.

We offer one of the most complete solutions that integrate sell and buy sides of the supply chain. B2B Exchange enables suppliers and buyers to trade IT components, subsystems and systems, technologies and services at dynamic prices in order to increase productivity and reduce operational costs.

On the demand-side, B2B exchange enables companies to optimise the purchasing process. For example, buyers have access to detailed product content , pricing and availability from suppliers. Their orders are forwarded directly to suppliers back-end. Buyers are able to track and trace order statuses .

On the supply-side, B2B exchange ensures that the latest product content is provided across every sales channel, that offers from buyers are done according to the seller business requirements, and that customer’s orders, feedbacks and buying behaviour are submitted and managed accordingly.

Core Modules

B2B exchange consists of the four core modules that allow trading partners manage supply chain processes online. The other modules provide additional functionality for the system and support interaction between the core modules.

e-Catalog defines and organizes rich detailed content about all products and services offered at the Exchange; enables companies to acquire dynamic product information; allows to manage wish lists and to distribute product information to multiple business channels. Read more >>

e-Dealing is the intelligent sales & marketing solution which allows business partners to find real market price for goods and services, determine their priorities to each deal by multiple business parameters such as wished sales price, credit terms, revenue, currency risks, point of sales date, sales run rate and others. e-Dealing can be defined as the meeting point of Supply and Demand. Read more >>

Order Management organizes optimises and automates Buyers purchasing and Sellers sales activity. It allows creating, process and managing Purchase Orders and monitoring POs status in the supply chain. PO Processing setups and performs freight links between the trading participants at the Exchange, determines freight sales prices and actual freight costs; generates trade sales and purchase invoices, allows to prepare the financial entries for import to external ERPs. Read more >>

IT Portal is a useful source of current and comprehensive information for IT4profit community. Users have possibility to select from the great variety of IT industry news channels, customize its update rate and online representation in accordance with their own preferences.

User Support

We provide registered users with timely and reliable support at . Each support request is tracked and monitored from first user contact to final resolution.

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B2B Exchange model (.EXE 846KB) >>
Reviving the B2B exchange model. CIO Agenda 2003 (.PDF 700KB) >>

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