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IT4profit Ltd. provides e-business solutions for the IT distribution industry. Worldwide distribution channels find themselves at a crossroads today. They are under increasing pressures from many sides and for many their survival will depend on moving to an environment that seamlessly incorporates e-business into their business processes.

In close cooperation with leading IT manufacturers, distributors and service providers we have developed a suite of online B2B solutions that are helping today distributors, their customers and suppliers increase their inventory turns, working capital and revenues in over 22 countries.

IT4profit Ltd. is based in Reading UK and has representations in the USA, Germany, France, Belgium, Cyprus and development and operation offices in Russia and Belarus which allows us to offer to the market high-quality affordable solutions.


Our scalable solutions integrated to your ERP system & maintaining your corporate identity offer:

Interconnectivity Hub Interconnectivity Hub to provide connectivity and data exchange between partners’ ERP systems. With the experience in EDI and RosettaNet IT4profit has connected several leading IT manufacturers to their distribution channels including Seagate Technology, Intel and IBM. Read more >>

Product Content Product Content to enrich your website presented with own logo, colours and look & feel and to support your customers purchasing decisions. Currently IT4profit maintains 15,000 product items from over 170 manufacturers. Due to our Interconnectivity solutions our product content includes pricing and availability. This provides faster visibility into your channel and faster inventory turns. Read more >>

e-Catalog and Order Management e-Catalog and Order Management which can interface to IT4profit’s Inventory module. The modules allow process more than 90 % of all incoming orders automatically without human intervention. All transactions are conducted online with online stock synchronization via ERP connectors. Read more >>

e-Dealing e-Dealing , a proactive and intelligent online sales negotiation tool which allows companies to create deals to their customers and request for quote their suppliers and measure the feedback in a dynamic trading environment. Read more >>

B2B Exchange B2B Exchange is an affordable e-business platform that allows you using our solutions to buy and sell products. B2B exchange allows you to maintain your existing business models, customers and processes and to collaborate with other distributors, suppliers and service providers such as transport, logistics, credit and insurance. The platform connects and communicates to your and your partners’ ERP systems. Read more >>

We offer our customers the full range of services from initial business consulting to software development, implementation and support that guarantee comprehensive approach to problem solving and customer satisfaction. Our system of software, hardware and telecommunication facilities provide the highest security, privacy and reliability level.


Of all the resources, our people are the most precious. Our business consultants and developers have extensive knowledge and experience in the complexities of international IT distribution, Content Management, RosettaNet protocols and Supply Chain e-business solutions.

IT4profit makes ongoing investments in continued education and professional skills development of each employee and in-depth study of new technologies. In its turn, our consultants work alongside customers’ staff to ensure critical skills and knowledge transfer.

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